Solar String Lights

Oh my God, I know– another post about lights, but I waste alot of time every year searching through my “past Amazon orders” for stuff I have bought, either to buy it again myself or to give someone else the link.  This year I am trying to be more efficient, so I am putting them all on this blog so I can just have one place to refer people to/ to refer to myself.  If I can get myself to follow up and actually make a comprehensive list, it will be a miracle, but it will save me SO MUCH TIME.

Here are some more lights that I find myself buying all the time, certainly not just during Christmas, which is why I need the handy links for where I can find them again in the off-season.

These solar string lights are what I put on the patio for one of my clients– they work great and she has been really happy with them, even though we all live in the Pacific Northwest where it is rainy and cold.  Believe it or not, solar string lights (as well as solar pathway lights) actually need very little sun, so these work all winter as well as summer.

This one comes 50 to a package, and the total length is 22.5 feet, so you might need more than one string if you are doing a whole patio (or an outdoor venue like a wedding, although I do not know if I would recommend solar lights for a wedding just because the lighting itself can be variable depending on the weather).


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