In case you are wondering what, exactly, is going on here, let me welcome you!  I am Lauren, a holiday event planner and high-end estate manager (for celebrity clients) in the Seattle area, and this is my running list of things I buy for clients.    People always ask me for the supplies I use in my design and event work, so I thought I would just make a little blog where I could point people (and refer back to it myself for future reference and to save time when I buy the same thing repeatedly). “WonderlandGoods” just refers to the fact that I am obsessed with Christmas stuff and talk / think about it all year long.

Because of confidentiality, I can’t tell you WHO or WHERE these things are being used for, but I can definitely tell you WHAT and HOW.

Here are some of my most popular posts and categories, which I will update as I continue to get info on that.   You can also use the navigation bar at the top to try to find out if I have posted a resource for that thing, or I have a search bar to the right as well.   Hopefully that will help you sift through all of the many, many resources I come across and use on a daily basis!

Also, I don’t know if you know this, but it is actually REALLY hard to donate unused Christmas stuff.  My clients never seem to want the money back (!), and I don’t have room in my garage for all of the overage every year, so I decided to start this blog and give stuff away every week.  What better way to connect with other people who like and use Christmas stuff, plus to make someone super happy every week?


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